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The Law of Charities

Non-Profit-Organisations are subject to a variety of statutory and administrative regulations, in order to qualify as charities. Compliance with regards to these very complex regulations can tie vast resources that otherwise could be utilised for the actual purpose of these charities – altruism. We offer support for the foundation of a charity, its current operations as well as its winding-up by providing – amongst others – the following services:

  • Optimisation of the articles and memoranda of association with regards to the law of charities
  • Implementation of tools for the early identification of dangers in relation to the charitable status, especially in the area of the application of funds
  • Legal dissociation of charitable entities from taxable business entities
  • Advisory in the area of sponsoring and the law of donations
  • Advisory for value added tax regulations
  • Support of family relations through the implementation of charitable trusts

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