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Tax Mediation and Litigation

Tedious disputes with tax authorities can have a negative impact on the economic performance of any business. Timely action intervention by our specialists can, however, help keep such disputes and costly litigation, the outcome of which is always uncertain, to a minimum or make unnecessary in the first place. In particular when it comes to tax audits and litigation before the finance courts, we are often consulted at the recommendation of our professional colleagues – as “lawyers’ lawyers” as it were. Our clients benefit from our in-depth experience in

  • Negotiation in connection with tax audits (also in cooperation with your usual counsel / tax specialists when speciic German tax issues are involved)
  • Achievement of concrete agreements with tax authorities
  • Mediation of conflicts involving transfer prices (advance pricing agreements) and solutions to valuation problems
  • Representation of clients before the finance courts and the Federal Fiscal Court
  • Solution-driven tax law guidance in the case of civil actions and arbitration proceedings (contribution to solution through the elimination of tax problems)

As the former head of a governmental tax audit team, our partner Prof. Preißer can offer the benefit of his extensive experience in dealing with tax authorities.

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