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Shareholder Disputes and Succession Planning

Disputes between shareholders can represents major challenges for a company and in extreme cases threaten the continued existence of the undertaking. The problems that arise from such conflicts are also frequently exacerbated by undesired tax implications. When called upon to assist in such situations, our priority objective is to help the parties involved resolve their differences amicably and then, if necessary, effect a separation. Our services include the following:

  • Mediation
  • Dissolution of partnerships and continuation under new structures (division of ownership, demergers)
  • Definition and valuation of payouts and settlements
  • Special expertise in connection with entry into/departure from professional partnerships and dissolution of partnerships (collective ownership)
  • Flanking tax advice in the context of litigation
  • Expert opinions in connection with arbitration proceedings
  • Plans for liquidity-friendly departure (avoidance of costly disputes)

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