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Corporate Restructuring

The fast pace of modern business and the unpredictability of legislative measures combine to make it difficult for companies to chart their future. Given this situation, management must be able to react to changes in the business environment, take advantage of new market opportunities as they arise and divest unprofitable operations quickly and flexibly. However, any transition to new structures and markets is fraught with fiscal pitfalls.

With our expertise and long years of experience, we can help your organization avoid such problems and deploy sustainable long-term solutions. In addition, excellent contacts to decision-makers in the tax administration enable us to anticipate implementation of new legislative initiatives early on and take the requisite proactive measures. The following activities are typical of the support we can provide:

  • Choice of location and legal form
  • Mergers, demergers and asset transfers
  • Tax advice in connection with the structuring or reorganization of individual undertakings or major corporations
  • Outsourcing, value chain planning, base shifting
  • Design of optimum tax structures for international holding entities, dividend routing, corporate finance and development of strategies for the use of operating losses
  • Changes in equity capital (increases and decreases)
  • Use of mezzanine financial instruments (silent partnerships, profit participation rights, etc.)

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