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Asset Protection and International Tax Planning

Entrepreneurs, executive officers and managing directors are increasingly finding that they and the companies they operate are exposed to a higher level of liability than ever before. As a result, protection of their personal assets and the assets of their companies was of considerable importance long before the advent of the financial and economic crisis. We can help you analyze and assess potential risks, provide guidance as you develop the strategies required to protect your assets and lend support during implementation. Services that can be exceptionally useful include the following:

  • Separation of risk and assets through the selection of appropriate legal vehicles and split-up models
  • Timely assignment of assets to family members, avoidance of the risk of legal challenges
  • Use of German and foreign family foundations
  • Protection of family-owned enterprises through the choice of appropriate structures  (retention of clear control and decision-making structures, protection of minority interests, protection of liquidity through legally permissible limitation of settlement payments, reconciliation of divergent shareholder interests)
  • Transfer of intangible rights to foreign patent holding companies, treaty shopping to take advantage of international tax differentials
  • Transfer of business processes to a low-tax country, consultancy in the context of expatriation
  • Design and implementation of viable offshore structures

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