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Guido Fuchs

Guido Fuchs

Disputes among shareholders or between groups of shareholders can drive companies and families into ruin. When such differences arise, it is advisable to seek an overall solution to guarantee the continued existence of the undertaking or organization with a new concept. The resolution of corporate conflicts is one focus of my work.

My professional experience has taught me one thing. “You may think you’re in the right, but that doesn’t mean the courts will” (Dieter Hildebrandt)


Attorney and Notary (ret’d)


2014 Partner with Preißer von Rönn Schultz-Aßberg
1990 Appointment as notary (up to 30 April 2014)
1980 Partner of a medium-sized law firm and notary’s office in North-Rhine Westphalia
1977 Completion of study of law and journalism at the University of Münster

Points of Focus

Corporate restructuring and reorganization
Corporate transactions
Corporate succession planning
Resolution of shareholder conflicts


German and English


phone: +49 40 210099-186
fax: +49 40 210099-219
E-Mail: g.fuchs(at)prs-partner.com

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